Imagine, its Wednesday night, you’re driving home from work, and everything seems different. You have done this hundreds of times, same road, same cars, same traffic jams; all people longing for home. But this time, well it’s different. You can see the sunset over the city, sea gulls fly by, the other cars are driven by real people going to their family, they are no longer competitors for that same piece of road. At home, you shut down the engine and enjoy the silence for a few seconds. Slowly you open the door and smell that spring is coming ever so close. This feels great!

I witnessed this feeling of complete happiness for the first time about ten years ago. It was late may, the sun was calling it a day and I cycled to some farmland nearby. It was getting a bit cold and there was a thin layer of haze over the ditches.  I was surrounded by greenhouses and got to the end ofrainbow in a traffic sign the road. By then it was already pretty dark up there. I laid down my bike  and walked until I could no go further. In a distance I could see my town, not far to the left a busy road I knew far to well. But then again, it was all different.

When I went back home again, I cycled along a canal. Again there was a slight haze over it and I saw great crested grebes with youngsters. A moorhen sometimes screamed through the night. When I got home I still had this mesmerizing  feeling and when I finally went to sleep, well, I slept pretty well.

It took me about ten years to comprehend this feeling. By then I read a number of books that in their own way described what happened. Perhaps the best book on the subject is ‘The Power of Now’, by Eckhart Tolle.

When I’m out there taking photo’s, I can see so many things to photograph. It’s a bit restless sometimes. But on the other hand, it blocks everything else from my mind. Just being there at that moment at that place. That's one of the reasons why I enjoy photography so much, it’s so peaceful.

Photo’s freeze a moment in time. Looking at a photo, you know nothing about what happened before or after, you don’t know Sarahwhat a person was thinking about. If he or she felt happy, sad or whatever. But still, there is so much to tell. Photo’s can be very intense, more real than reality itself. It captures the beauty of a landscape, the happiness or sadness of that person.

I hope you enjoy watching our photo’s and experience the intensity it can bear. And in case you’re unsure what they tell you, let your imagination take over. After all, photo’s are a moment in time, fill in the rest yourself!


Roeland Verbeek - Photographer